My name is R. Erik Bosse. I’m a writer and filmmaker living in the cultural backwaters of San Antonio, Texas. I scratch out a living through film and video production, with the occasional forays into film festival promotion (Josiah Youth Media Festival & the 48 Hour Film Project).

As far back as I can remember, my creative life was about books. I grew up in the family book store. I always knew I’d be a writer. Or maybe a scientist. Or, wait wait! A photographer. Yep. And then, at the age of 30something, I took a film class. I was hooked. Here I could write scripts, operate exotic electronic equipment, and shoot pretty pictures … 24 every second!

After that first semester, I dived into an independent project. A little 16mm short. “Mr. Ponygraph.” Next, I came down to San Antonio to make a feature film (well, we tend to euphemize these no-budget projects as “digital features”). The epic road picture, “Vaya Con Dios, Asshole,” turned out to be cheaper than film school. Much cheaper. It’s not horrible, but nor is it to be found on the shelves of Blockbusters.

That was over nine years ago. I’ve become a San Antonio resident, and I continue to make films. Mostly shorts, and mostly narratives, at first. Then I began branching off into more experimental work and documentaries. Now I do a lot of work with dance and theater companies. In the late fall of 2012 I was invited to become a company member of Jump-Start Performance Company. I’m hoping to expand some of my short experiments in staged performances coupled with live cinema projection into longer and more sophisticated work. I’ve also been expanding into gallery work and multi-channel site-specific presentations.

The culture here close to the border has a flavor all its own. I try to insinuate this unique South Texas Chicano spirit into my work — I have become an unrepentant regionalist.

I still write. In fact, I have two novels slowly moving along. But there is something extraordinary about telling a story in this sort of time-based visual medium of the movies. There is nothing more fun than this process. Being on set is exhilarating; and editing the work into shape on a computer is an infinitely rewarding alchemical process where you can make a true human experience out of nothing but ones and zeros. And a whole bunch of coffee.

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