My Hasty Stallonesque Escape


Yesterday was my second run in two days. I might have to take today off. The sore muscles don’t bother me. But my toes are all messed up. Maybe I need new shoes, or maybe I just need to work on regrowing my calluses.

It’s always a kick running in and near my neighborhood. I usually take either the River Walk south, down towards the Missions, or north, into downtown. This often takes me through the streets of Southtown, or meandering through HemisFair Park. And rare is the run I don’t see a colleague from the arts or film world. True, these aren’t folks much known for public displays of physical exertion, and for each super-fit badass (like Kimberly Aubuchon) there are a dozen others who I nod to in passing as they eat tacos on a restaurant patio, water the lawn, or walk their dogs. (It’s nice to live in a neighborhood where so many cool people live, work, and play.) Sometimes I find myself running through a film production. Yesterday it was a small crew on the downtown River Walk shooting a scene on the picturesque foot bridge near the Arneson Theatre. I stopped and removed my headphones just long enough to say hello to Janet, the Location Coordinator for the San Antonio Film Commission. I gave her a rather sweaty (and wholly unsolicited) hug, and then made good my hasty escape by taking the stairs of the Arneson’s terraced seating up to street level in a very Stallonesque Rocky manner.

I’m happy to see people making movies here in town (even if it’s, as I suspect, some turgid and over-written narrative I’ll never willingly subject myself to).


Today I had two meetings about upcoming Luminaria projects. The first was with Shimi over lunch at Tito’s. When the food arrived we both pulled out our iPhones to update Instagram with food photos. Here’s Shimi framing up her two tacos on the far side of my enchiladas plate, which looms with calorific majesty in the foreground.


We still haven’t decided on the site where our multi-channel dance / film installation will be situated. We narrowed it down to two possibilities. And now we see how our modified budget (very few people got what they asked for from Luminaria) might still enable us to bring in some other folks to make the piece as grand as possible.

Next, I met up with Seme and her husband Kevin at HemisFair Park. Seme’s Luminaria proposal, an interactive dance installation, also has yet to have a home. We walked around the park, and she indicated two possible locations.

Seme also told me that an online virtual choreographic project she’s been working on which uses some of my video is up and running. Danza Digital. Click HERE or on the image of her below. When you get to the page, choose v2.0 to see some of my video work. Also, check out Seme Jatib’s website for more of her awesomeness.



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