I Love Working With Interesting People


I know I grumble with grating frequency about all the free work I do on other people’s projects. I’m beginning to wonder if I even like this film and video stuff. But back on Friday morning (fresh back from a week in el despoblado) I headed over to San Antonio College to help Amanda Silva on her new short film. I’ve known Amanda for about seven years. She acted in my third narrative short film, back when she was just 17. She’s smart, creative, and curious. Also, she’s involved in community-driven art projects. So, of course I was willing to help her out. Even is she hadn’t helped me out so much in the past on my projects, I’d still be keen to assist her in whatever creative ideas she wants to develop.

I showed up with an assortment of camera and audio equipment. She was also being assisted by Alejandro Rodriquez (a young filmmaker who’s been enjoying considerable success lately), as well as a fellow student from her SAC film class. As we moved through various locations on campus we were joined by her three actors. Alejandro was the second camera operator with a borrowed 7D. And because my 7D had a fast prime lens, I was shooting the close-ups, with Alex doing the wide and medium shots.

Our main character was played by a lovely young woman from Austin. It was a joy to shoot extreme close-up shots of her looking pensively off into the distance. The other two performers were also great to work with. It was a long and fun day of shooting. I enjoy Amanda’s company. And everyone else was also having a good time. I know that I collected some gorgeous shots of beautiful people. But, I hope that I was able to capture all the shots that Amanda’s going to need when she gets around to editing.

Here’s a photo of the lead actress:

So, last night I realized I have been working on three projects of late where I shot some lovely digital video on my beloved Canon 7D. I made a quickie video with clips from Amanda’s project: some stuff I shot while vacationing in the desert of southern Presidio County; and some tasty slow motion footage I shot for Slab Cinema (a project I need to start editing together later this week). But I was happy to be able to upload some beautiful images I had shot onto FaceBook so I could share them with others.

Click on this link to view the video.

Tonight I went out to a parking-lot on the northside to watch URBAN-15 in a dress rehearsal for their upcoming performance in Fiesta’s Flambeau Parade. I shot some video and made a quick edit which I uploaded to FaceBook.

Click here to see URBAN-15.

And tomorrow I’m working with the Push Pens at Jump-Start Performance Company. I’m shooting a part of their upcoming show. Some video they can use to promote the show. And Wednesday night, me and the Push Pens will shoot one of their poems / songs as a sort of music video. I’m looking forward to both nights.

Even though only one of these five projects will pay me, I’m still having a blast. It really comes down to a question of who I’m working with. These are all people who smile at me and seem to enjoy my company. And I like them, too. So, if you want my help, and I’m being vague or uncommunicative, it’s probably because I think you’re an asshole and/or an individual with the aesthetic sensibilities of a flatworm or someone who works in public relations.

If I like you, you probably know it (I sure hope so!), and if I don’t, well, please stop calling. You’re giving me the creeps.


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