My 2011 Shapes Up

It’s been something of a hectic week. Sort of. One of the more stressful elements is that I’ve been in a holding pattern, waiting to hear back from my occasional Dallas auction house gig. If they decide that they need me, it’ll be at least a week’s worth of work. Don’t get me wrong. This is great. This company has kept my financially afloat for going on three years. But, in my role as an outside contractor, I often don’t get much forewarning. I know it’s a 50/50 chance I’ll get the green light this week. So, I have been cautious about scheduling meetings.

This is troublesome because I have committed myself to six short video projects which have to be completed by the first week of March. I’m thinking about weaseling out of one, but still, that leaves a lot of stuff to do.

True, one is a paying gig. And, yes, another is for submission into a contest with a sizable prize. But the auction house lays the serious cabbage on the table.

So, late this afternoon I got a call. Could I be there tomorrow (Thursday)? This would mean leaving in the pre-dawn hours so I could put in a full day. I said I’d call back, because I needed to look at my schedule. And as I’m shifting things around, rescheduling meetings, I see an email come in. One of the Luminaria co-chairs wants to know if I can make a Thursday afternoon meeting.

I called the auction house back and let them know I’d be in for the beginning of the work day Friday, thus losing a paying day. So I don’t wanna hear any shit about what I am or am not doing for Luminaria. Volunteer committee work can often balloon up into a huge commitment of time. And I’m busting ass for Luminaria.


Luminaria. Monday was the big meeting. The steering committee met at one of our secret locations (the Star Chamber, Number 3, AKA the Pearl Studio). This group is comprised of: the co-chairs of all seven disciplines, our four curatorial teams (two people, each), representatives from the mayors office, OCA, downtown ops, our two Luminaria co-chairs (Richard and Susanne), and probably a few other people I’m forgetting. Most of us were present. The curators took turns at the podium pitching their favored artists. A/V equipment was set up so we could all see and hear the samples provided by each artist. And then each of the disciplines did the same. It was quite impressive. Some amazing artists were being considered.

Next Tuesday was our agreed date when those artists who are in, and those who aren’t, will be revealed.


I started off the year with a little film which I was asked to produce for the Jump-Start Performance Company’s annual performance party. So, for 2011 I’ve already produced a work and had it screened.

Upcoming projects? Well there’s Luminaria. I hope my proposal is accepted (and, no, it’s not yet a done deal). Also, Seme Jatib, if her proposal is accepted, may well be using a video backdrop of mine. The Jump-Start Performance Company wants me to produce a video work in collaboration with one of their up-coming shows. A certain outdoor movie screening group wants me to make them a promotion video. Choreographer Seme Jatib wants me to collaborate on a multi-media dance event in April, or is it May? And then there’s the Neighborhood Film Project–the deadline is Feb. 18th, and I’ve sent my script out to an amazing actress who, if she agrees, will give me a serious edge (there’s a $3000 prize!).

Hell! That’s a lot of work for a shiftless aging unemployed slacker. It would be nice if more of this stuff paid me some money.

I don’t know whether to be excited or depressed.

Yes, and I should go to bed soon. I have three meetings tomorrow.


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