May Has Become the Manna Month

Damn, I’m busy all of the sudden. It’s weird. I live a grossly irresponsible life, and making the funds to pay bills is always an unpredictable, dodgy affair. I got lazy the last year with several temporary gigs at a well-paying auction house in Dallas. But it seems that the vagaries of the contract laborer–the outside consultant–has bit my posterior whilst I was otherwise preoccupied, and I’m still hurting. My money from the last auction cycle finally ran out. But the universe decided to smile upon me. Again. This happens freakishly often. (Though I should point out this smile never morphs into an outright grin–the best that happens is that I get to scrape by a little bit longer….)

May was a rough month–well, still is. There’s a monthly bill which I was able to exchange in barter. That worked out well. I still haven’t delivered on the product, but I will soon. And the cool thing is that the product is a a video piece, and it’s shaping into a sweet and tight little bit of work I think I’ll feel quite proud of.

June–the wedding month–is looking good. I’ve been asked to shoot two weddings for hire. One I’m video-taping for a goodly amount of money. The other hasn’t yet been clarified. I might be doing video. Maybe photographs. And we’ve yet to talk money. Also, there is also a wedding of one of my close friends. Thankfully I’m just going as a guest. And I wouldn’t miss it for anything!

I’m also getting some payment for an editing tutorial session. This is damn cool!

A local arts non-profit is paying me for some online video presentation of the great stuff that’s being done over at their facility.

A colleague I know through C4 Workspace (it’s not just co-working, but a great networking environment) may well be hiring me for a gig.

A local PR firm / production company threw my way a lucrative one and a half day gig for an Austin company. I did the shooting this week. There is a strong possibility that this local firm will pick up the Austin company as a regular client–and I say this because, on a good day, I’m pretty fucking charming. If these two companies decide to work together, I hope it might offer me some more work. Both companies are super nice and treat their employees and clients with care and consideration.

Add to all this my final two months with my part-time temporary gig as project manager for the Josiah Youth Media Festival, and I might just be able to limp my way through June, July, and August. It’ll be tight, but I want to thank all the people who have stood beside me and helped me out.

These little scattered bits of work will allow me to continue to do my creative projects. In the months ahead I hope to do two new project in collaboration with the insanely brilliant Seme Jatib; an involved production with S.T. Shimi; and an experimental dance piece in collaboration with Maggie Lasher.

So, again, thanks everyone for helping me to underwrite my disjointed and unreasonable lifestyle.


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