Preparing to Embrace Weighty Metaphors

Seme and I have been busy this month hosting our Dance for the Camera film screenings at C4 Workspace. Last night we presented the second film, Amelia. The turnout could have been better, but we had representatives of the Ballet Conservatory of South Texas, as well as the San Antonio Ballet. The film was absolutely amazing! I’m so glad Seme decided to curate this series. Even though the audiences have been sadly sparse, I have been very inspired, as a filmmaker, in watching these incredible films. I only wish we’d had more filmmakers attend these screenings. Dancers and choreographers are great to have in the audience, but the complete lack of filmmakers just goes to show how staid and stodgy the San Antonio film community is.

We still have two Sundays to go. I hope we can get more people out to see these wonderful films.


Back on Thursday I stopped by C4 Workspace. It was the monthly Actors Network SA Mixer, hosted by Michael Druck and Brian Potts.

There is always a strong turnout of actors and assorted theater and film people for these sorts of events.

I shot a quick little interview with Druck which I’ll post in a few days.

I also spent some time talking with Ranferi Salguero, the filmmaker who is working to get funding for his feature, Embracing Karma. He’s produced a powerful trailer which he hopes will help him secure funding. I served as an actor in his trailer. I was almost completely tossed on the cutting room floor. My right ear makes the trailer. So does one short sentence. This is fine by me. But I got to feel a bit special as I spent some time Thursday night talking with two other actors who also appeared in the trailer. I’m talking about real actors with some serious chops. Tom Lagleder and Venda D’Abato.

Here is a photo of the evening. Here’s Michael Druck standing with Thursday’s guest, the lovely and brilliant actress and talent agent Brenda Ambrize.


And here’s a shot with Tom looking serious and introspective.



The following night was Friday. But not just any Friday, it was First Friday. This is the one night per month when art reins supreme in Southtown, AKA King William.

I started the evening with a visit to C4. This was a group show highlighting Cinco de Mayo. A healthy turnout! Great art, and some stellar music and poetry from the open-mic session.



Next I headed over to the Blue Star art complex to spend some time with my friend Deborah. She had allowed her photography students to show their end of semester work in her studio/gallery. There was some impressive work on the wall!



Saturday I headed out to Enchanted Rock with my friend Seme and her husband Kevin. Seme wants to do a dance video at Enchanted Rock. We’re still in the development phase. My initial idea was to do something simple. Crew of one (me), with cast of one (Seme). I thought we could shoot in three different environments in the park. A stream; a wooded area; and a mountaintop.

There was a time when I was toying with the idea of bringing in an actor to function as a sort of abstract commentator as if Seme’s character was some undefined creature being analyzed by some sort of nature show.

But when we got up on the top of the big-ass pink granite dome of Enchanted Rock, Seme began to see all sorts of possibilities…with quite a few dancers.

We’ll see how this project evolves.

Here are some photos of Seme and Kevin and the grandeur of Enchanted Rock.



And, also, here’s a picture of Seme looking slightly glamorous. This is something I’ve learned about both actors and dancers. When they are just doing their own thing, it’s no big deal. They could be anyone. But give them the right context….and, fuck yeah!


There are days–like today–when I feel quite happy that I know a good handful of extraordinary creative individuals. I can only hope that some of them are happy to know me…..


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