Cutting Out the Dead Wood

My first day home stated off slow. I woke up at about eleven-thirty this morning (don’t raise that eyebrow!–I didn’t get to sleep until five in the am). My alarm clock was a couple of enterprising jackasses who wanted to know if I needed any “landscaping?” I should have requested a koi pond and a double yew hedge row, ’cause the kids like places to hide.

My chief accomplishments were to deliver my rent check to the landlady, hit the drive-in at Eddie’s Taco House for some proper San Anto sustenance, and make a pit stop at La Fiesta for groceries (hell, I didn’t even have coffee this morning).

But my lazy uselessness took a slow change toward productivity by early evening. It’s about to hit midnight, and I’ve been working on a video edit for the last five hours. I’d received an email from one of the mojo domos at the Jump-Start performance space. I was asked to submit a five minute video art piece. My first thought was to make a quick preliminary edit of the dance piece I did with Shimi, but then I thought that because Shimi’s an integral part of the Jump-Start family, she’s no doubt doing a performance or two herself. And then I remembered the footage I took the other week of a model Deborah had befriended. This girl’s a fire dancer. And so, tonight, I’ve been editing that footage. I need to get the finished product to Jump-Start by Friday afternoon. What I have so far is rough,,,and the “music” is something I threw together really really fast with Garageband. I’ll go ahead and post this early edit. I’m waiting on Final Cut to write this six minute short piece to a smaller file appropriate for internet streaming.

I need to get with Deborah so I can credit the dancer–I never got her name.

I hope no one I know needs to be reminded of the annual Jump-Start Performance Party. If you only go to a theater once during 2010, it’d better be the Jump-Start Performance Space this Saturday. Some of the most outrageously talented people call Jump-Start home: Steve Bailey, Monessa Esquivel, Annele Spector, ST Shimi, Daniel Jackson, Billy Muñoz, and Dino Fox; and a whole shitload of brilliant locals are closely associated with this crucial theater company, such as Amber Ortega-Perez, URBAN-15, Doyle Avant, Max Parilla, Ana de Luna, Michael Verdi, the fine folks with the Renaissance Guild, and on and on. If you live in the greater San Antonio region and you don’t make it to the Jump-Start Performance Company for this Saturday’s 25th anniversary performance party, well don’t be surprised if you no longer hear from me–you see, sir or madame, you will have played your hand as a high rube, a Philistine, a low-brow clown, in fact, little more than a wriggly little silver fish in my book: you will be purged from all my databases.

Here’s a YouTube link to that early edit of the video project I was working on today:


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