Odd Shit Staged in Inexplicable Environs

This afternoon, after having lunch with a friend, I was backing out of the parking lot. I hit a chain link fence with my rear bumper. And as there was no pedestrian squashed back there, I thought nothing more of it and drove off. A couple of miles later, as I was making a left turn, my truck’s blinker noise was clicking really fast. This means a turn signal bulb has burnt out. And so, when I got home, I parked in my driveway and set my blinkers on for a left turn. Now I would be able to see if it was the front or rear signal light. I need not have bothered. Clearly the problem was with the rear light. The red plastic lens cover was busted, as was the bulb. I guess I hit not just the fence, but a fence pole. Shit. Replacing the built will be a cheap fix. As for the broken lens, I can probably find a roll of red gel (for movie lighting) around here some where. A bit of clear packing tape, and it’ll do for the short term. But really I need to give Carlos a call and see if he’ll accompany me to the Pick-N-Pull, since he knows the ropes in navigating that macho world.


Pete and I are doing a short film for the San Antonio Film Commission’s 48 Hour Film Experience. Don’t confuse this with the national 48 Hour Film Project. The Project might be older, but, here in San Antonio, the Experience has a longer history. Our 48 Hour Film Experience is a local, grassroots contest a bit less competitive than the national version. Our event culminates with awards handed out during the Film Commission’s annual Holiday Party in December, which is THE place to see and been seen if you have any interest in San Antonio’s film, video, or media world.

I believe there are about ten teams currently signed up. I expect we’ll have a bit over 15 by the weekend of the event in early December. This Thursday night was a mixer for those interested which was held at the El Tropicano hotel lounge. We had representatives of five or six teams.

Veronica’s running an all women team. I didn’t take much in the way of photos of the event, but here’s a nice one of Allison Herrera, who’s on the girl team. It’s very much in the style of the paparazzi in the shrubbery (read: stalker). I rather like it. Allison’s very photogenic.


While other teams were talking about locations, crew positions, actors, equipment, and such, Pete was more interested in coming up with a running inventory of strange and interesting props we might be able to wrangle. (And until this very moment, I’d forgotten that I’ve used my gynecological exam table in only one film. Maybe it’s time to take it to some inexplicable location, and try and build a script from there….)

I do believe I’ve managed to talk Pete out of doing the whole thing with puppets.

Me, I happen to like flesh and blood actors.

Speaking of which, we need the acting community to come out for this “experience.” Next Thursday night, there’s another mixer at El Tropicano. Come on out San Antonio actors!


This was a short blog. I’ve got to get back to my November novel. I’m six thousand words in arrears.

I’ve got my standing desk all set up for a long night of typing.


Time to dive back in.


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