Leisurely Lunch, Lugged Lockers, & a Lascivious Luchador

Thursday I put my pick-up into service. Todd found some odd school lockers listed in the free-cycle website. We’ve been wanting some lockers at C4 so we can secure our stuff. The lockers were at a private school way up on the north side. When we arrived one of the staff came to help us carried it out. To my pleasant surprise it was local writer and filmmaker Deon van Rooyen. I don’t think I’d seen him in about a year. It’s a small town, and most all of us are enmeshed in interconnections, even if we don’t always know it.

Earlier in the day I enjoyed a nice leisurely lunch with Jorge Lopez. He talked about his upcoming film projects. I don’t know how many people caught his piece of flash fiction published by the San Antonio Current. I’m so jealous. Please, check it out:


I was feeling a bit seedy, so after a putting in a bit of work at C4, I headed home to lounge around and get some reading done.

Just around dusk, Carlos Piña called. He was over at the Blue Star brew pub shooting a short scene for an upcoming webisode (this project is, I believe, how Carlos is releasing his sequel to his San Antonio punk rock vampire feature, “Blood Rivals.” I could hardly say know, because, a.) Carlos is a damn good friend, b.) Blue Star is only five blocks away, c.) he said he’d buy me a beer, and Blue Star makes a tasty stout, and, finally, d.) the actor he was working with is Gabe the Babe. They were all good reasons, but I really wanted to meet Gabe the Babe. I’m sorry, but I didn’t catch his real name. Gabe the Babe is his wrestling moniker. Those who have seen the excellent short documentary–“Lucha,” directed by Justin Gallegos–that came out of the Film School of San Antonio, AKA, the media program at Harlandale High School, will probably remember the most charismatic wrestler who was interviewed. Gage the Babe’s schtick is that he considers himself to be a real sex god, even though he’s a bit chunky and somewhat goofy-looking. Cocky, narcissistic, and hilarious.

The weather had shifted dramatically. I was running the AC in my car this afternoon. But we were hit with a cold front, and it was pretty fucking chilly out on the Blue Star’s patio. Gabe proved to be a babe after all. A great guy who was very engaged by Carlos’ improve style. He was portraying a financially-strapped self-involved “playa” who shows up to a date only to be stood up. My favorite line was when he’s bitching to himself out loud and how this woman should never have screwed him over because he’s “gonna fucking blog about this, dammit!” And when Gabe said “LOL” I almost lost it.

I took some photos of both Gabe and Carlos.










I’m getting sick of all these mother fucking mosquitoes! I have a big ol’ mosquito bite on my face. My face!


A fellow artist is talking about applying for a travel grant to India. I might be able to tag along in a collaborative fashion, shooting video. That would be awesome. This means I need to get my passport renewed. The problem is, I can’t afford it. I can’t afford to pay my rent which will be due sometime this weekend. I need to learn to prioritize. But I also need to renew my passport…so I can get out of this reactionary country (not to say that India is a progressive wonderland, but it does promise to be radically different than, say, the Super Target at the Crossroads Mall).

Also, there is talk about bringing TED to San Antonio. These satellite TEDs are called TEDx, and I need to talk some with Jennifer Saylor, who was involved in the production of the TEDx in Asheville, NC. The folks who are talking about TEDx San Antonio want my input in regards the local art scene. Man, I know at least a dozen local folks who I have always thought should be at TED.

Don’t know TED? Check it out. The archived videos are addictive. And if you don’t enjoy learning from and being inspired by these brilliant individuals, well, I guess you just have no soul. Please report for disposal. I understands the Nova ovens are always running.


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