Seeking Donations

I’m currently seeking donations for the Josiah Youth Media Festival. I decided we needed a banner to promote the event. It will be hanging in the King William district at S. Alamo and Sheridan next week. Because there was no more money left in the budget, I explained I’d have no problems raising the $500. Well, um, we’ll see.

So, if you see me in the next few weeks, don’t be surprised if I pull out a little receipt book and beg a five dollar donation from you.

You can also donate via PayPal. There’s a button on my website.

And feel free to give more than $5. Email me, and I’ll send you a receipt suitable for the IRS. It’s tax deductible!

Josiah Youth Media Festival 2008


One thought on “Seeking Donations

  1. I made a donation last night, but PayPal was not being very cooperative. It’s possible that I made FOUR donations — I’m generous, but I’m not THAT generous. Let me know if you got it/them.

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