Packing Up This Blog and Moving Across the Street


It’s been over two weeks since I last added to this blog. I know this because when I clicked over to my Flicker account to post new photos, it wanted me to put in my password. And as the default setting is to remember the info for “up to two weeks,” well, I found myself wondering, what the hell have I been up to for two weeks or more?

Mainly I’ve been working on shooting video with Russ of the Northwest Vista recreation of Anna Sokolow’s dance piece, Frida. Last weekend was the end of it all. Well, for us. Jayne and some of her students headed off to Mexico City for a week to work with dance students down there.

Last week I shot for footage of the students doing the piece for the dance department at Texas State University in San Marcos. The administration has done wonders in their fight to protect the students by placing these signs in the restroom. I’ve never seen the instructions on how to wash one’s hands given such earnest poetry.


Here we see Chucho, the pinata perched on the railing. I loaned it for the local performances. Carlos picked Chucho up from a Mexican border town for me a few years back — I needed a pinata prop for a film I never shot. Of course, he wasn’t Chucho back them. Nope. One of the dancers named him.



My last time with the group of kids was for the performance at the Guadalupe last Saturday.


And the weekend before that, was the final shoot date for Sam Lerma’s series of promos for the SAL Film Festival — a trilogy, plus one.

Saturday we shot in the Nightmare on Grayson Street haunted house. Gordon, who runs the place, helped out with a huge artificial scar, which luckily didn’t melt. The place is a huge warehouse with no air-conditioning. “Get those lights in closer to the actors!”





Two more locations on Sunday, and it was a wrap. Some of the more surreal moments during the shoot involved the movie-within-the-movie. The actors were supposed to be making a low budget action film, Organ Trail, (like so many other ill-advised local productions). Sam actually had the actors using real equipment to shoot the film they were “pretending” to make. And the wonderful thing was that even when OUR camera wasn’t running (and by that I mean, Russ’ camera), they shot their scenes still in character. Araceli was yelling in Spanish and groaning under the weight of her pretend pregnancy, Stephen was sneaking nips from his flask, and JJ was elbowing his way in to adjust the lighting.



I had to shoot this picture of the two film crews. Looks like they’re ready to rumble. Hard to spot the real one, eh?


I’ve been fighting technology. I’d like to set up my web-page with a WordPress template. But I can’t figure out the FTP bullshit. Part of the problem is that all of the useful free software wants me to have a more current operating system … which isn’t free.

Yesterday I began the slow progress of migrating away from the account I’ve had for as long as I’ve had this computer. Six or seven years??? It’s a hundred bucks a year and really gives me nothing I can’t wrangle free from other corners of the www. Anyway, so as I was moving info from the mac email to my gmail account, I realized that I’d been getting email to my gmail. And not just spam. Probably connected to my blog on LiveJournal. And that’s how I discovered a few photos of me on Jennifer’s Flicker page — a slideshow for her birthday way back in March. She put in photos of friends who couldn’t make the festivities. Even folks she’s never met before. Like me. How sweet. I guess I should check all my email accounts. Problem is, I’ve lost track of some of them.

It’s all about consolidating all my disparate web pages into one or two sites.

I have my central website. It has links to different sorts of stuff I’ve created, spread over: MySpace, LiveJournal, WordPress, Blogger, my homepage, Flicker, Photobucket, YouTube,…. And who knows what I’ve forgotten?

So, I’m slowly moving all my blog entries from LiveJournal to WordPress. WordPress is where I used to exclusively keep my fiction. And it’s been the most stable and innovative of the blogging platforms I’ve used. Time to cram everything on to it. And then shut most all the other stuff down.

So, readers, get used to setting your RSS readers or bookmarks to:


3 thoughts on “Packing Up This Blog and Moving Across the Street

  1. “Organ Trail” is hilarious. What a great title!

    This blog looks good. I actually dared traipse over to MySpace-ville only to see a banner ad directly underneath your post screaming “Jesus Loves You.” Thankfully Jesus doesn’t love WordPress, or if he does, WP won’t take his advertising.

  2. Hola! Yes, I did upload a few choice shots of you, some even after March, so my Asheville friends can see and understand my online people they hear me talk about. (I particularly like the Erik Bosse, Boy Reporter shot. )

    When blogfriend Kate actually came to Asheville to visit we had a comical pomo experience explaining to our yarn saleswoman that despite the fact we had met about 5 minutes beforehand, we were indeed friends who had known one another for some time.

    Anyway. Welcome to WordPress, Erik. I won’t miss the annoying LiveJournal login to comment.

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