Coaxing Skeletons Out Into the Light


I had a very pleasant weekend. It is finally spring here in San Antonio. Well, for people throughout most of this country it would appear to be high summer. Saturday it got up to at least 100 degrees. I’m trying to get back into shape so I upgraded my basic bike ride from the ten mile jaunt to the more serious twenty mile excursion from my front door to Mission Espada and back. It kicked my ass.

Earlier in the day I met with Ashley Lindstrom of the Current. We had coffee at Ruta Maya … where I was waited on by the very talented Rebecca Potts, one of the gifted filmmakers over at the North East School for the Arts. I believe she’s just finishing off her senior year.

When Ashley arrived I had no trouble recognizing her from her photo on the Current website. Being a wise-ass blog writer sometimes pays off. She has a very easygoing natural charm about her and I could see how this would pay off for a journalist in an interview situation. She could coax the skeletons out of the most hardened sociopath’s closet. Now that I think about it, just what might I have unknowingly blubbered out to that sweet, trusting face?


I enjoyed not only reading her piece on the Marfa film festival, but also talking to her about it.

Read the piece here:

On another Marfa film fest note, my friend Emily, a photographer from Dallas, posted a huge slide show of her trip to the festival, as well as an excursion down through Presidio, Redford, Terlingua, and back up to Marfa.

My favorite part of the world.


Today me and Russ met with Gordon Delgado. He’s trying to get a feature film made this summer. I first became of aware of the project through Carlos, who’s playing a small part in the film.

There are some notable actors attached to the piece. And what I’ve read of the script is quite appealing. But it just seems that he’s a good three months away from shooting. Nope. He’s slated to begin first week of June.

He’s a likable guy. A middle aged artist with a clear vision of what he wants the piece to be. He did a solid job some years back on a short shot on super 16 called Jesus in a String Bikini. Maybe this will happen. And, who knows, maybe it will happen exactly as he envisions it. And maybe even me and Russ will be on board the project. However, at the moment, it’s all up in the air. We mostly were meeting for lunch at Taco Haven to affably size one another up.

We’ll see … we’ll see.


Tonight me and Russ rolled our first cassette of video on this Sokolow documentary we’re doing with Jayne King out at Northwest Vista. Two members of the Sokolow Theatre Dance Ensemble arrived today from New York. They’ll be working with Jayne’s students on a dance piece created by choreographer Anna Sokolow titled Frida, based on Frida Kahlo, who Sokolow knew.

The women from New York are staying at a Bed and Breakfast in one of the little mansions three blocks from me, and conveniently just beyond the back fence from Jayne’s house.

We got about thirty minutes of the three of them talking about their plan to teach the Northwest Vista kids the Frida piece.


Tomorrow morning we’re off to campus for an early shoot with the students for their first day of this project.

And somehow I think there are a couple of important things I need to do tomorrow, but I just can’t remember. Oh, well, it’ll all come back to me. You know, the moment it blows up in my face.


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