Blogging for CineFestival!


Thursday night — that’s the day after tomorrow — the CineFestival kicks off at 6:30pm. It’s the 30th anniversary of this historic Chicano film fest. So, head on over to the Guadalupe Cultural Arts Center. Alex Rivera’s feature Sleep Dealer will screen at 8pm. And then there will be the gala opening party.

My problem is that I have to work evenings through Friday. And, also, I signed up for a half day Saturday morning. I do need the money, but I’m already planning to feign the flu — at least on Saturday.

Click over to the website and check out the schedule. Payan and Pocha have put together a killer line-up. The CineFestival is the most important yearly film event in San Antonio. And, this year, it follows directly on the heels of CineMujer, the second most important film event in San Antonio. If you missed CineMujer, don’t make a similar mistake.

I hope to see lots of familiar faces this Thursday through Sunday, when I can escape from my corporate handlers.

And if you blog about the CineFestival, you can get free passes to CineFestival screenings. Head over to the “Attention Bloggers!” tab on the website. Pretty cool idea.

Who ever said blogging doesn’t pay!


And there is another film event coming up this Thursday. The students over at Harlandale High School (AKA The Film School of San Antonio) will be screening work at the Alamo Drafthouse, San Antonio. That’s April 10th. 6pm. Thanks a lot for letting me know, George O., Dago P., and Russ A. — ’cause I had to learn about this from a flyer on a telephone pole on South Alamo across from Tito’s Tacos. This is getting the word out? You might wanna entice some bloggers, eh?

Another way cool event this weekend is the opening of Main Plaza. It’s free. 6pm – 10pm. Marisela has scheduled these performances:

6:15: Rita Vidaurri, Eva Ybarra & Azul
6:30 Henry Brun & Latin Playerz
7:30 Ceremony
8:30 San Antonio Symphony
8:45 Spot Barnett & the New Breed Band featuring Will Owen Gage

If I can tear myself away from the CineFestival, I’ll be hanging out there some — especially because of Azul. This is an important new public space with a slew of free events already in the pipeline.

And sooner than we all expect, Fiesta will be crashing down on us. Ten days of debauchery. As if all that basketball crap brought to us by the Final Four (not final enough for me) wasn’t enough for April. This month is jam-packed.

Why fight it? Fling yourself out there into the cultural jet stream.


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