New Short Story

I invite my blog readers to cruise over to my fiction site where I've placed a new short story.

It's entitled: It's Different In First Class. The story is about Burbank Airport, adventurous gastronomy, and the noble trilobite.

As there are no scary zombies nor any nudity and only a modicum of blasphemy, it's perfect as a bedtime story for those of you with youngsters.

I mean, really, you have no excuse not to give it a read. It's only 2034 words. That's, like, nothing. That's like a Denny's menu or an instruction manual for an IKEA foot stool. Just loads more fun to read. I'm serious. Imagine the thrill you felt the first time you encountered a Denny's menu and you realized you could have a pork chop — a motherfucking pork chop — for breakfast!!!! Now increase that rapture ten-fold. There you have it.

It's Different In First Class.

Keep the nitroglycerin tablets and the dramamine within reach.

Yeah, check it out.

You'll be glad you did.


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