November's Poster Boy, God and PayPal Willing

I've had a few people asking me what's next for me.  These questions strike me as ambiguous, though I'm sure the curious friend or acquaintance thinks he or she has asked a straightforward and legitimate question.  I see there to be two interpretations.  A.) “What is Erik's next production gig?”  (And as much as I cringe at the notion that running film festivals is “production work” — because the work involved is absolutely anathema to creativity — it is still a fair question.)  Or, B.)  “What is Erik's next scheme to manage to pay his bills?”

As I see no production gig on the horizon wagging cash my way, the only pertinent interpretation is the latter — question B.

Actually, I received a phone call yesterday morning from a very pleasant robot.  The pre-recorded voice announced that the Company needed me for a temp job for three weeks in September.  The Company is where I pick up occasional cash scoring standardized tests.  I haven't pursued work with them since the first in my 2007 trifecta of (paid) film event jobs went into high gear back in May.  I turned my back on the height of the summer scoring season to involve myself in more interesting work … though these film events certainly paid less than the Company's $9 per hour.

And so I will have another month of financial cushionary, thanks to the ISDs nationwide “teaching to the test,” and thus destroying yet another generation of young people who we should be better preparing to save this planet we've fucked up.

But I digress.

Maybe October I'll take some time off to head out to West Texas or New Mexico.  I'm not sure if me and the other two members of Proyecto Locos will be visiting San Miguel de Allende for the Dia de los Muertos celebrations (that would fall on November 2nd).  Need to get together with Deborah and Ramon and sound them out.  However, that might mess up my November which, if you have not yet marked your calendars, is National Novel Writing Month.  I think I'll give it a try this year.  One month to hammer out a 50,000 word minimum novel (which is pretty slight for a novel — but whatcha expect for a month's turnaround?).  But if it comes down to a trip to Mexico, or writing a novel in a month, I'll always take Mexico.  Of course, I really don't see why I can't do both.  Maybe I'll head down to San Miguel in November and write a novel down there.  I've already decided on the cyber cafe (the G-Spot) in which I'll work.  Maybe I should stop kidding about this and find out how to make it a reality.

I could petition sponsors from among my friends, family, and the rabid internet fanbase of this blog.  It'd be like one of those disease marathons for a cure, but the funds, unfortunately, wouldn't be going to doe-eyed youngsters in electric wheelchairs or complicated body braces … just to me, Erik Bosse, to defray the cost of a room at a rustic colonial period pension and the daily infusions of huevos rancheros and tortas milanesa and cafe con leche necessary to fuel the great work.

Please, can you dig deep to help this middle-aged lay-about continue his irresponsible existence in an exotic locale?


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