Ask Me About My Last Colonoscopy

I remember when the sun shone…I think. It's orange and round, yeah?

My summer has been stolen from me. The culprit? Global warming? I donno. But I'm getting really pissed off. This endless rain is beating me down. I can't take much more of this.


I can't recall how I found my way to Dennis Cooper's blog. Probably through Boing Boing. But for some reason I discovered it. He's a fanatical blogger. I subscribed to his feed. Dennis Cooper is one of the most interesting working American novelists who, I admit with ample chagrin, I had not read. He's written a five novel series, collectively known as the George Miles cycle. I know I have at least two of them in my library stored and boxed up. I need to dip into his (non-online) work. He has all the post-punk sexual-transgressive mojo to fit into my criteria of an author worth exploring.

Anyway, I responded to one of his blog postings where he embedded a YouTube performance by one of those great post-punk Aussie garage bands — either the Scientists or Beasts of Bourbon. And he not only noticed my comment, but he got onto my blog — my website! He lifted three photos of mine (sour punch straws on a plate; the chandelier at the Aztec Theater; and the lovely Amanda Silva surrounded by DVDs. Dennis also placed links to “The short movies of Erik Bosse,” “The production blog of Erik Bosse,” and “The video blog of Erik Bosse.”

It's all here.


Tomorrow NALIP (the National Association of Latino Independent Producers) will be running their CAM (Contemporary Arts Month) video slam. It will be in the Blue Star Arts complex. Look for the Joan Gronas Gallery. Saturday, July 21, 7 pm.

The maximum length is ten minutes per work. And so, even though me and Russ haven't finished the edit on Heartcore, we'll have a version of the first ten minutes ready for NALIP. I should point out that I sent an email to new NALIP prez Jewels Rio late this night. It's possible that I missed some sort of deadline. But I'll be there nonetheless. And so should you. If you are reading this and are in San Antonio, come on down to the slam. It's like a three or five buck donation. But there is always cool stuff screened at these events. Cool stuff such as the first 10 minutes of Heartcore. 'Cause, if you haven't got the box of CLUE in the mail yet, smoldering actress Laura Evans is reason enough to see any film. Yeah, we got her. We also got Martha Prentiss. And she's pretty cute, too.


I'm blithely talking about this video slam like it's really going to happen. Maybe I'm fooling myself. Tomorrow, President Bush is handing over presidential authority to Cheney because he's going to get a colonoscopy. Yeah, this is very wise. If he were to die on the table without assigning authority to– What? A fucking colonoscopy? They're going to snake-out the First Man's ass with a lipstick camera on the end of a stiff cable. That's it. Hell, my last colonoscopy, I was treated to a Carta Blanca and a bucket of popcorn. And I enjoyed both while watching the action on a high definition monitor as the little moistened camera inched its way towards my duodenum.

Did I officially sign over my authority to anyone? Hell no. I'd be listening to shit for the rest of my life.

What next? Presidential pedicures necessitating a press release explaining that the commander in chief needs to transfer power to his second banana as he gets his cuticles beautified?

But I digress.


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