Saying Goodbye Twice

Christy dropped by around noon. We were going to try again to make it up to Canyon Lake to scout locations for her film. After her car problem of last weekend (just a wheel snapping off on the interstate–clearly nothing she couldn't handle) I gave a bit more attention to my own car. I checked all tires this morning. The pressure was fairly low all around. I pulled out my compressor and topped them all off. And so I offered to drive this time. Not that I have any doubts as to Christy's driving skills or her car's abilities. But, a.) it was my turn now, and, b.) she didn't need the added stress (because once our cars do something dramatically unpleasant, it can take awhile to start trusting them again).

We stopped at Russ' apartment in New Braunfels. After cups of coffee all around, we piled into Russ' truck and headed to Canyon Lake. Christy wants a dead tree for a couple of dancers to climb up into and move around in her choreographed “phrases.” There will be some dance bits on terra firma as well. So, she was looking for sturdy trees, preferably one which had been weathered down so that the bark had been removed.

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She'd seen some likely specimens in a park on the shores of Canyon Lake. Russ, who has a long history in that region, wanted to show us some other likely places. But the problem was, the recent rains had the lake level so high that many of his choice locations were under water.

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I had fun traipsing around several parks, snapping shots of dead trees. When we found a potential location, Christy would “audition” the tree.

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Russ maintains a membership at the LCYC (Lake Canyon Yacht Club), and we took a quick tour, checking out their dead trees. It was a shame we didn't find a suitable tree, the place has amenities — electricity, restrooms, and a comfy club house.

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We ended up deciding on Christy's original site. The water was much higher than when she visited earlier, but the lake had not swamped the trees she wants to use.

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Much of the tour I think served to help Russ work through his on-going separation anxiety with leaving the region. Last year he had to move from a house he loved on the shore of the lake. But the place he found in New Braunfels was just down the highway from the lake. And now, with a teaching gig in San Antonio, he's moving again. Much further away from his beloved lake. It can't be easy. Like saying goodbye twice.


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