Generally Loafing and Leeching

I'm back on dog patrol.  Phil's on a week-long vacation from … well, whatever it is he does to fill his days.  We are actually rather similar as guys with no visible means of support.  Generally loafing and leeching.  Yeah, he does furniture restoration.  But that's like me claiming that I do freelance video production.  The real paying work is practically nonexistent.  As for Phil, he seems to do about a piece a month.  Perhaps his girlfriend is helping to support him.  Hell, maybe there's a baronetage in his lineage (and he's been exiled to yankeelandia so his yobbo tendencies won't shock the cotillion class).

I've fridge-raiding privilege.  Finally, the guy's starting to get a clue.  So after walking Cutsie, I walked the two doors back home with a bag of salad and two avocados.  Strictly speaking I'm not a salad bag man.  I prefer mixing my own greens.  I'm not convinced sweat shop workers can do it with the same love as myself. But, certainly, I'll not carp about free food.  I just need to find out where he keeps the chocolate truffles and the smoked salmon.

Things seem to be coming to a head in the NALIP Meet-the-Maker series,  Too many people wanting different results.  I have no problem with a bit of compromise, but, dammit, I need certain people to communicate with me.  We'll just have to see how it all works out.

I got a call yesterday from Chadd Green of PrimaDonna Productions.  Could I help out as crew on a documentary being filmed about Chadd and Nikki's friend, Teko.  Teko's a young man from South Africa studying at SAC (San Antonio College).  The filmmaker is also from South Africa.  Sure, I said.

So today I met up with Teko, Chadd, and the filmmaker, Coetzee (no, I don't know his first name, and no, I don't know if he's any relation to the Nobel Laureate).

First we did some quickie interviews with some folks from the international students club who were having a goodbye party.  Then we headed over to the RTF building and did an interview with John Onderdonk, the big cheese over there.  His office is next to the KSYM radio station studio.  And that's where we shot next.  Teko gave us a taste of his radio show.

A nice surprise for a Tuesday afternoon.  Coetzee has a wonderful wry sense of humor.  His camera style is very shoot-from-the-hip.  It was fun.  But I had to scurry back home, leave off my equipment, grab a couple of 50 cent tacos from the Pik-Nik up the street, and head off to the Company for five hours of mind-numbing data-entry work.

They do give me a 15 minute break.  I fleshed out some notes on a narrative film project and bolted down a tricolor ice cream sandwich.  Neapolitan, they call it.  (But, really, these aren't the colors of Naples.  Or are they…?)

I probably need to call it a night.  I have to get back on this Teko project early tomorrow morning.  A 6:30 call-time.  Yikes!  It's Seguin all over again!


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