Wrapping Heartcore

Thursday night was the final shooting for Heartcore, the Short Ends Project short film I've been working on.  We had five short scenes to do, and one quick insert for another scene we had already shot).  George and Catherine at Urban-15 were gracious enough to let us shoot at their space.

The first scene was in the basement space.  We needed Adrian, Roze, and Laura walking upstairs with their instruments to play an important gig.  Roze had brought along his fog machine, and we had it cranked up, with a light shining from behind.  It was a very striking shot, the band silhouetted as they vanish into a cloud of smoke.  They pass Carlos (as his menacing character El Picante), who is sitting in the doorway reading a book.  I'd set up a quickie bit of high, raking light onto him.  But before I could get around to fine-tuning it, Russ commented favorably on it.  I walked over and looked at the monitor.  Perfection!  It had this harsh Edward Hopped look.  The lamp painted a perfect, sharp right triangle on the wall behind him.  All very nice.

Next we set up a couple of lights outside the side entrance.  It would serve as our back entrance of a club.  Herman Lira (who's been doing shit-loads of animation work on George Cisneros' current Somos Project) was just clocking out for the night.  We conscripted him to play our door man.  He's a filmmaker himself, so he quickly understood what we wanted from him.  Also, I make a little cameo as the club owner, but because of my poor acting skilled I have yet had the stomach to look at the footage.

And finally, we did a couple of scenes in the parking-lot with Thorne playing a sketchy character who steals equipment out of the band's van.  He'd previously been studying this real person we all had seen at one of our locations from the other week.  And when I told him he could get in costume, I wasn't quite prepared for the transformation.  Pretty damn impressive.  He really got the essence of the guy, with his own particular spin added to it.  I really wish we'd thought to get a photo.

The night went a little long, and we kept some people there longer than I had planned (thanks for hanging in there with us, Laura), but we got some good shots out of it.

But the time I got home, I realized I'd been running all day with no lunch or dinner.  I scarfed down a banana and hit the sack.


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