A Peek Into My 2007

I dropped by Urban-15 this morning to talk with George Cisneros about a few projects they have in the works.

One is a video installation George is rushing to complete for the Museo Americano, the local San Antonio Smithsonian affiliate museum.  Budgetary concerns apparently forced the piece to be scaled back, but, still, it seems pretty ambitious.  Much of what George needs help on involves a solid expertise on a few rather exotic editing programs unfamiliar to me.  I would have given thought to admitting knowledge nonetheless, and taught them to myself in a speedy panic, but the turn-around is so short that he has already hit the group running.  I can't learn that fast.  I will, however, be doing my part here and there.

The entire video installation will look damn cool when it's complete.

We also talked about the first annual Josiah Youth Media Festival, named after Josiah Neundorf, a young San Antonio filmmaker who passed away from cancer at the end of March of last year.  It looks like George and Catherine may have enough funds in their operating costs to take me on in a temp part-time basis to help bring this fest together.

I'll be getting into this more specifically late February when more information begins to run through the pipes.

But things are moving along at Urban-15.  After I left, George and Cat were mixing up some aguas frescas for a bunch of architects who were coming to check out the place.  They will be tending bids to renovate the sanctuary in the west wing of the building.

I love their space.  So many possibilities.

This first half of the year promises to be a riot of activity for me.  I've already committed to nine projects / events.  Five will pay.  But not enough.  My seasonal work with The Company — scoring standardized tests — should begin anew late February.  Then I might be able to start paying some bills.



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