10,000 Thank Yous

This week I passed 10,000 hits on my MySpace blog.  I've been posting this blog on MySpace since March 26th, 2006.  However I have no idea how many hits I receive on my Live Journal pages where I post redundantly, because my account doesn't let me track that sort of info. Well, I don't think it does.

The bottom line is, I guess, that a lot of people are peeking in.  That's great.


Well, here we fall into the confused mindset of the introverted exhibitionist.    “Everyone, hey, hello?  Don't look at me, nothing worth looking at over here.  Nope.  Noting at all ….  Hello.”  Add to that the strange sort of anonymity that the internet can provide.  I mean, you can even use your real name, and what effect does it have to someone a thousand miles away?  A hundred miles away?  I'm just some opinionated ass, by the name of Erik Bosse, who lives in San Antonio, Texas.  Perhaps there are readers of this blog in this very town who will never meet me.

I suspect, however, that a good number of you known me fairly well.  If you don't already know me, it's likely you found me out because I've mentioned you, your friend, your family, your organization, your project.  A Google introduction.  Fine.  I hope you come for the Serendipity, and stay for the, well, whatever it is I'm doing.

At times I wonder how many readers there are who have found me through some weird route that they can't even recall, such as my fumblings that brought me to Jennifer Saylor or Pamela Ribon.

Anyway, please, feel free to drop me a line if you want.  A quick scan of two or three of these blogs will make it quite clear that I have an unpropitious amount of free time.

And if any of you are writing blogs I don't already subscribe to, let me know where your words can be read.  I'd like this door to swing both ways.

Thanks everyone!


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